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What type of assessment do I need?


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Working safely with display screen equipment at home.

''Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for employees working from home as for any other employees, including the duty not to charge for things done or provided pursuant to their specific requirements. If you have staff working at home, you must still manage the risks to their health from display screen equipment (DSE).''


Assessment Breakdown

Basic Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

15 Mins

  • A detailed self-administered checklist is provided

  • Expert screening and review of completed assessments

  • Written recommendations and specific solutions

  • Sign-posting to other services as necessary

  • Costs: upon application

Full Workstation Assessment

45 - 60 Mins

  • Suitable for those who have specific health issues likely to lead to extended absenteeism or compromised efficiency

  • Extensive and relevant Workstation Assessment

  • Detailed report with product specific recommendation

  • Sign-posting other services

  • Costs: upon application

Clinical Workstation Assessment

60 - 120 Mins

  • Suitable for those who have prolonged absenteeism that has become a problem, assessment completed by a physiotherapist.

  • Conclusions as to the employees current health

  • Recommended treatment regime

  • Full complex workstation assessment

  • Full and specific workplace solutions

  • On-going management and review 

  • Costs: upon application


Training for you or your business..


Workshop & Courses

Postural Training Seminar

1 Hr

  • Highlights the problems of prolonged sitting at work

  • Illustrating cause, effect and solutions

  • A pragmatic, entertaining seminar that covers basic anatomy and mechanics of sitting

  • Costs: per delegate (min 10 delegates)

Postural Training Workshop

3 - 4 Hr

  • An intensive session which is an extension of the postural seminar, aimed at training key personnel to become trainers and trouble shooting ‘posture monitors’.

  • Understand fully the relevant anatomy and physiology

  • Be familiar with major occupational health problems, back and neck pain, RSI, etc.

  • Become familiar with the different types of workstations and seating on the market

  • Be able to make informed decisions where a workstation risk is identified

  • Be able to set up and train members of staff, how to sit, and give postural advice

  • Receive theoretical and practical training in specialist workstation accessories

  • Costs: upon application

Clinical Workstation Assessment

2 Days

  • Understand the primary aims of health & safety practice in preventing harm and loss

  • Appreciate the legal context of health & safety practice with particular reference to D.S.E.

  • Understand human physiology in relation to working on computers

  • Understand the ergonomic aspects of working on computers, task design and working environment

  •  Appreciate and identify the ill-health effects of badly designed tasks, workstations and environment

  • Identify techniques and ways of minimising the risks associated with display screen equipment

  • Become skilled and proficient in the practice of D.S.E. risk assessment

  • Make display screen equipment risk assessments specific to the workplace

  • Put in place a suitable programme of D.S.E. risk assessment and recording

  • Carry out effective audits of display screen equipment risk assessments

  • Costs: per delegate (minimum of 2 delegates)


Introducing ergoIQ



ergoIQ is an intuitive online self-assessment tool that enables employees to quickly configure their workspace for optimal health and comfort.



Easily modify facilities, equipment, specification and approval workflow.



No need to download or install the software.



Reduces costs up to 90% over traditional on-site assessment programs.


Product Features

Intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective, ergo IQ is the next generation of online ergonomics software.



  • Each self-assessment is customized based on the user’s existing workstation set-up

  • Designed to configure complex multiple monitor and sit/stand environments

  • Intuitive modern interface illustrates each adjustment and ergonomics guideline

  • Educates users on the rationale for each recommendation

  • Unique scoring system gauges overall fit pre and post assessment

  • Users are able to request a more formal ergonomic assessment of their workstation

  • Time efficient process; the average completion time is under 10 minutes



  • Streamlines the ergonomic assessment process by automating equipment approvals and simplifying equipment procurement

  • Enables the uploading of your current approved equipment standards and vendor list

  • Recommendations can be grouped by vendor, saving hours of tedious administrative work



  • Tracks aggregate fit scores, self-assessment utilization, equipment recommendations and overall improvement levels

  • Instantly inspect data across multiple facilities with user defined date ranges


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