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Recent Project: Telford

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Telford, completed in November 2021, is one of our largest projects to date!

We had the opportunity to re-design the interior of Serviced Offices outdated 1990s office block, covering 4750 sq m, into contemporary workspaces for a myriad of future companies inclusive of size. This concept was achieved with the help of Box Architects. You can access their take on the refurbishment through the link below;

Prior to the refurbishment the office block was utilised by HM Revenue & Customs as a place to train Police dogs. To successfully refresh this space we opted for a hybrid design that would offer flexible working arrangements. We approached this by selecting a range of modern products that will revolutionise the way of work.

This revamp included a variety of rooms from offices to communal areas, therefore, we adapted our design depending on each room specification. Our product selection process reflects this. To optimise the space, we established which products we would use from a range of suppliers including; Actiu, CMD, Connection, Bisley, Flokk, Humanscale, OB&B, Pledge, Verco, William Hands and Orangebox. We then carefully planned out the most suitable configuration, before implementing our design to bring our vision to life!

If you would like to know more about this particular project and the influential factors that led to the chosen concepts please refer to our 360 video:


A work in progress:

Watch this space...



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