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The Rise of Luxury Apartment Offices: Gen Z Entrepreneurs Redefining Workspace Aesthetics

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and entrepreneurship, Generation Z is making its mark not just with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology but also with a unique approach to office spaces. Move over, traditional cubicles and sterile boardrooms - the Gen Z business owners are ushering in a new era of workspace aesthetics by transforming their offices into luxurious extensions of their homes. Welcome to the era of luxury apartment offices!



Embracing the Muuto Lifestyle:

Muuto, a Scandinavian design company, has become a go-to source for Gen Z entrepreneurs looking to infuse their office spaces with a touch of luxury. From sleek furniture to soft furnishings, Muuto has become synonymous with the modern, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish office aesthetic.

Luxury Office Moodboard


Luxury: Soft Furnishings and Plush Comfort:

One of the distinguishing qualities of luxury apartment offices is their focus on comfort. Gen Z business owners prefer luxurious, soft seating that blurs the distinction between working and relaxation zone. Imagine large sofas, lounge chairs, and even bean bags strategically positioned to foster collaboration and creativity. After all, a comfortable workspace is a productive one!


Exposed Wood: Bringing the Outdoors In:

Exposed wood has become a common feature in luxury apartment workplaces as an homage to nature and sustainable design. From workstations and shelving units to accent walls and ceiling beams, Generation Z entrepreneurs are incorporating wooden components into their workspace. What was the outcome? A warm, friendly, and grounded office area, in contrast to the cold, metallic environments of the past.


Exposed Wood, Warm Office Feel

Neutral Relaxing Colours: Bye-bye, Beige Cubicles!

Say goodbye to the monotony of beige cubicles and hello to a calm pallet of neutral, relaxing colours. To create a peaceful and stress-free work environment, Gen Z business owners are choosing muted tones such as gentle greys, relaxing blues, and earthy greens. These colours not only promote a sense of tranquilly, but also serve as an adaptable backdrop for pops of colour such as artwork, plants, or bright accessories.


Multi-Functional Spaces:

Luxury flat offices are all about flexibility. Gen Z entrepreneurs are creating multi-functional rooms that can easily switch from work to leisure mode. Desks that double as game tables, meeting rooms with cosy nooks for brainstorming sessions, and common cooking facilities for spontaneous team meals - these spaces are as dynamic and adaptable as the entrepreneurs themselves.

Multi-Functional Luxury Office

The emergence of luxury apartment offices indicates a shift in how we view and create workspaces. Gen Z business owners are changing the norms, transforming workspaces into spaces that inspire, soothe, and promote creativity. With a reference to the Muuto lifestyle, these entrepreneurs demonstrate that a lavish and inviting office isn't only for the home; it's the key to unlocking innovation and success in business. So, who says that offices can't be like home? Welcome to the future of work!

All images used are Muuto images, supplied from the professionals portal.

To find out more, about the products pictured, contact us by clicking here.

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