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How can Ergonomics increase performance?

Not only are Ergonomics recognised for allowing businesses to meet health and safety legislations but for its ability to increase performance within the workplace (Jan Dul, W. Patrick Neumann, 2008.) Ergonomics enhance the factors that influence the interaction between people and machines. This can be achieved by re-designing the factors, within the work environment, that limit the human machine interaction (R.S. Bridger, 2008.)

The work environment is an aspect of the physical environment that directly effects this interaction and thus, productivity (Emmanuel M. A, 2012). Arguably, the work environment is the most critical aspect regarding productivity and employee satisfaction. Hence, it is important that employers invest in the factors that contribute to the work environment.


What is the difference between an Ergonomic workstation versus a ‘normal’ set-up?


How we can help you increase productivity in your workplace?

By applying our extensive Ergonomic knowledge, we can help you create a work environment that will increase productivity. We recognise that modern businesses tend to acquire a diverse workforce in which personal requirements differ. Hence, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer individual DSE workstation assessments to ensure that you only invest in the most suitable features specific to your employees. We recognise the need for time optimisation within the workplace. Which is why we provide continuous support throughout the process, from start to finish, underwritten by a 5 -year manufacturer warranty.



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